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    If Clean-Cut Celebrities Were Covered in Tattoos by Shopped Tattoos [via]

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    Wild Concrete Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

    "Wild Concrete is a photographic series focusing on a very singular phenomenon happening in Hong Kong. Usually wherever human beings are thriving, they always try to keep in control of their direct environment. But in this bustling city, trees can grow impressively on residential buildings. They are the proof that our control is not ever-lasting and they show us how this very loss of control can bring true beauty. Wild Concrete is about nature taking back, it is a demonstration of the tenacity of life in our urban environment."

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    yelena bryksenkova is one of my favorites

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    City Lines Patrick Vale

    Thick lines and bright colors anchor the work of this illustrator that draws cities in a confident and beautiful way. I am amazed by his work that I just discovered by accident. Hope you like them as much as I do. Word to the wise, his work is better appreciated large scale to see the level of detail achieved in each work of art.

    Check out this tumblr!

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    These trees have camouflage down to a science.  

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    This photo of Prince Charles dressed in a traditional Saudi Arabian uniform speaks for itself, really.

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    For future reference.

    Seriously helpful info for those who want to remove their online presence under their birth name.

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    For Major League Soccer. Deconstructed Logos for all MLS Teams including the MLS logo.

    Print available here

    Featured on MLS

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